"The Brandon Robertson Trio's performance was absolutely lovely and provided the perfect atmosphere for the evening.  Their presence on stage was professional yet warm and friendly; definitely noticeable but without being intrusive.  I would recommend them to anyone without hesitation.  On top of the brilliant performance, they were reliable and an all-around delight to work with.  I would be very happy to work with Brandon again".

- Deanna Green, Coordinator of the FSU Real Estate Foundation & Office of University Advancement

"The Brandon Robertson Trio provided the perfect ambience for our faculty/staff donor appreciation event.  It was especially nice to showcase Florida State talent at an FSU event!”

-Tom Block, manager of the FSU Real Estate Foundation & Office of University Advancement

"We had the pleasure of booking the Brandon Robertson Trio for a graduation event at the FSU Alumni Center—appropriate because these musicians are alumns.  The reputation of the FSU College of Music preceded the group and they only enhanced the lore.  I was listening with a friend who is also a musician and asked him if he wanted to step in for a set and he replied—no, these guys are REALLY good. The Brandon Robertson Trio elevated our event, and we are grateful."

-Scott Atwell, President of the FSU Alumni Association

"If you want a performer that is easy to work with and provides just the right vibe Brandon Robertson is perfect."

-Ryanne Aviña, Chief Networking Officer Florida State University Alumni Association

“Brandon Robertson not only brings excellent musicianship to every performance but lights up a room with his charismatic persona.  He is professional, reliable and has been one of the most sought after performers for events on the Florida State University campus and the city of Tallahassee during his time of study at FSU. I would highly recommend Brandon for any event.

 -Heather Mayo, Assistant Director of Production and Outreach FSU College of Music

We are so fortunate to have Brandon Robertson as a jazz bass instructor at ABAC and for our students to hear this young artist perform is magical!”

-Susan Kirby Roe, DMA, Department Head of Fine Arts and Professor of Voice, Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College

Brandon is a fresh, young talent that has mastered the fundamentals with respect to the great Jazz bassists of the past.  He plays with great passion and conviction, and joy to work with.”

-Patricia Dean, Jazz Singer & Drummer

"I met Brandon Robertson while performing with the Count Basie Orchestra, and from the moment he started to play, he locked down that tempo.  I never had to turn around and give him "eyebrows" the groove was solid, and I exhaled.

-Carmen Bradford, Jazz Vocalist and Singer of the Count Basie Orchestra

"For me, swing is everything. The pocket must have depth and the quarter notes must be fat and possess that electricity and intensity that propels the music. Brandon Robertson is a musician whose playing is rooted in those concepts. He swings with authority."

-­Dan Miller, Jazz Trumpeter & Member of the Naples Philharmonic Jazz Orchestra

Brandon Robertson is a groove machine!  Always love playing with him.  He is very knowledgeable, groove oriented, and has a great beat to play along (and hook-up) with.  This same type of work ethic (as a musician) also carries over into his personality, so when you experience Brandon, the musician, you are also experiencing Brandon, the person. He is also a great motivation for kids who might be pursuing music as a career as well.  Relates to students very well!”

-Leon Anderson- Jazz Drummer & Director of Jazz Studies, Florida State University

"Brandon Robertson is one of those hungry young musicians who will have a positive impact on everybody in his spectrum"

-Rodney Jordan, Jazz Bassist & Associate Professor of Jazz Studies, Florida State University

Brandon Robertson is one of the best young bassists in the world today....he brings the proper level of skill and imagination to the bandstand that can lift and propel a trio, a quintet, or a full jazz orchestra....hire him...."

-Scotty Barnhart, Jazz Trumpeter & Director of The Count Basie Orchestra

"I have been fortunate enough to know Brandon as both a performer and an educator. As a bassist, he plays with a big sound and a buoyant swing that pushes any group he plays with to new heights. He brings this same level of intensity to his teaching, and his enthusiasm for the music rubs off on his students."

-Dr. Thomas Heflin, Jazz Trumpeter & Assistant Professor of Jazz, Abraham Baldwin Agriculture College