“Brandon Robertson is one of the best young bassists in the world today. Brandon has subbed for the COB and he's never missed a single beat! He brings the proper level of skill and imagination to the bandstand that can lift and propel a trio, a quintet, or a full jazz orchestra....hire him...."

-Scotty Barnhart, Jazz Trumpeter & Director of The Count Basie Orchestra


"I met Brandon Robertson while performing with the Count Basie Orchestra, and from the moment he started to play, he locked down that tempo. I never had to turn around and give him "eyebrows" the groove was solid, and I exhaled. I've enjoyed performing with Brandon over the years and he is truly one of the finest young bassist on the scene"!

-Carmen Bradford, Jazz Vocalist and Singer of the Count Basie Orchestra


"For me, swing is everything. The pocket must have depth and the quarter notes must be fat and possess that electricity and intensity that propels the music. Brandon Robertson is a musician whose playing is rooted in those concepts. He swings with authority."

-­Dan Miller, Yamaha Endorsed Trumpeter & Former Member of the Harry Connick Jr. Big Band & JALC Orchestra


"I have been working with Brandon for the past few years and it is a pleasure to share the bandstand with him. He plays with great time and a big sound and his exuberance and love for the music makes every gig fun".

-Lew Del Gatto, Former Member of the Saturday Night Live Band

“All in all, a very fine debut disc for a jazz bassist who shows considerable promise. I give it five fish!”

Lynn Bayley – Art Music Lounge

“Robertson establishes the authority of bass playing at the first notes of the opening "East of the Sun" in which he states the melody as Margut comps behind him. He plays comfortably taking the lead as well as keeping time and his full tone and his melodic sense underlie the strong playing here… A bass solo, "Maven's Arrival," again showcases Robertson's robust attack and tone, and his ability to structure a melodic improvisation. It closes Robertson's most appealing recording debut.”

Ron Weinstock – In A Blue Mood

"Bass'd On A True Story" is an exhilarating and invigorating piece of contemporary jazz that resonates throughout and satisfies to the end. With the stylish and finely-calibrated bass playing of Brandon Robertson up front backed up by a notable and dynamic group of musical collaborators, this 14 track original creation embodies the essence of classic jazz that glows with colour and is embroidered with poetic notes and playful indulgences that makes it a wholly unique adventure.” 

Marty Delia – The Jazz Music Blog (Australia)

 "I was extremely humbled when the FGCU jazz band performed a tribute concert of my arrangements! What a "swingin" band under the direction of bassist/conductor Brandon Robertson! Jazz is happening at FGCU!”

-Mark Taylor, Retired Chief Arranger of The US Army Band and Staff Arranger for Hal Leonard Corp.


"Brandon Robertson is one of those hungry young musicians who will have a positive impact on everybody in his spectrum"

-Rodney Jordan, Jazz Bassist & Associate Professor of Jazz Studies, Florida State University


“Brandon Roberts is a go-to swinging bass player. He is all aces!”

-Jeff Rupert, Director of Jazz Studies, University of Central Florida


“Brandon Robertson is a groove machine! Always love playing with him. He is very knowledgeable, groove oriented, and has a great beat to play along (and hook-up) with. This same type of work ethic (as a musician) also carries over into his personality, so when you experience Brandon, the musician, you are also experiencing Brandon, the person. He is also a great motivation for kids who might be pursuing music as a career as well. Relates to students very well!”

-Leon Anderson- Jazz Drummer & Director of Jazz Studies, Florida State University


"I have been fortunate enough to know Brandon as both a performer and an educator. As a bassist, he plays with a big sound and a buoyant swing that pushes any group he plays with to new heights. He brings this same level of intensity to his teaching, and his enthusiasm for the music rubs off on his students."

-Dr. Thomas Heflin, Jazz Trumpeter & Assistant Professor of Jazz, Abraham Baldwin Agriculture College