Brandon Robertson: "Bass'd on a True Story" NOW Available Worldwide

About the Album:

Bass’d on a True Story features eight original compositions from Brandon, outlining his humble beginnings as a musician, dating back to 2004 when he began his musical studies at Florida State University. The music on his album represents the chronological order of his music career to date. The influence of Brandons’ album draws from a plethora of real-life experiences and also strives to have its own unique sound. This is Brandon’s first chance to invite people, all over the world, to hear his life story.

The success of this album will further help Brandon, to take steps towards expanding his unique sound. This will also help provide better opportunities for Brandon to write more music, perform around the globe and reach even more listeners. 


"Bass'd On A True Story" is an exhilarating and invigorating piece of contemporary jazz that resonates throughout and satisfies to the end. With the stylish and finely-calibrated bass playing of Brandon Robertson up front backed up by a notable and dynamic group of musical collaborators, this 14 track original creation embodies the essence of classic jazz that glows with colour and is embroidered with poetic notes and playful indulgences that makes it a wholly unique adventure.”

Marty Delia – The Jazz Music Blog (Australia)

“All in all, a very fine debut disc for a jazz bassist who shows considerable promise. I give it five fish!”

Lynn Bayley – Art Music Lounge

“Robertson establishes the authority of bass playing at the first notes of the opening "East of the Sun" in which he states the melody as Margut comps behind him. He plays comfortably taking the lead as well as keeping time and his full tone and his melodic sense underlie the strong playing here… A bass solo, "Maven's Arrival," again showcases Robertson's robust attack and tone, and his ability to structure a melodic improvisation. It closes Robertson's most appealing recording debut”.

Ron Weinstock – In A Blue Mood

“Robertson is the coolest bass player to pluck the strings since Eldee Young passed”

-Midtown Record Entertainment .