Kickstarter Campaign- "Bass'd on a True Story"

Brandon Robertson: "Bass'd on a True Story" kickstarter campaign

Brandon has finished the recording process and need help raising funds for the mixing, mastering, and pressing of his first album!.


About the Album:

Bass’d on a True Story features nine original compositions from Brandon, outlining his humble beginnings as a musician, dating back to 2004 when he began his musical studies at Florida State University. The music on his album represents the chronological order of his music career to date. The influence of Brandons’ album draws from a plethora of real-life experiences and also strives to have its own unique sound. This is Brandon’s first chance to invite people, all over the world, to hear his life story.

The success of this album will further help Brandon, to take steps towards expanding his unique sound. This will also help provide better opportunities for Brandon to write more music, perform around the globe and reach even more listeners. 

Donate to Brandon’s Kickstarter Campaign

Brandon Robertson is in the process of releasing his very first album, Bass’d on a True Story. As the title implies, the main goal of this album is to give the audience an opportunity to venture on a musical journey through Brandon’s 15-year career path as a musician. This album serves as an audio-biography of his life story and shows the growth and matureness of transitioning from a young man to an adult. 

The money raised through this kickstarter will be used to mix and master all the tracks on the album, the production of physical copies, copyrighting the music, obtaining necessary mechanical licenses, and inquiring a professional publicist to assist with marketing the album. Any extra money will be used for following: artwork, rewards from the kickstarter, merchandise, radio play, magazines, newsletters, featured spotlights, and shipping cost.

The recording process has already been completed and paid for by Brandon. The intended release month of the album is July of 2019. Your donations will help complete the remaining album production!

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